Apparel Designer

A clothing designer, ranging from lingerie, sportswear, casual wear to high fashion couture, for men, women and kids

Concept Designer

A professional engaged in conceptualizing, evaluating, developing, designing ideas for effective generation of new objects, services or concepts and/or enhancing of existing objects, services or concepts that are either tangible or intangible

Costume Designer

A person engaged in planning creative solutions for a design brief, selecting the most suitable accessories to complement garments and arranging these appropriately for photo shoots, commercials, theatre plays or movies

Fashion Artist

Draws or paints apparel and accessory illustrations for newspaper or related advertisements. He/she positions garment, accessory, or model to accentuate desired sales features

Fashion Designer

A person who designs clothing

Fashion Stylist

A stylist who selects clothing and accessories worn by models in photo shoots, for commercial print catalogue, television appearances, music videos, concert performances, etc.; working with photographers/directors, production houses, modelling agencies

Image Consultant

A professional who advises clients on improved public presentation or impression, particularly in fashion, media and public relations industry; they help people project a winning image in all aspects and specialize in individual and group image consultations and training

Hair Stylist

A person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, and style hair

Interior Designer

A person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and its furnishings

Jewellery Designer

A person who designs jewellery

Make-up Artist

A person who provides make up services to models or actors

Object Designer

A professional that designs furniture, products, objects, lighting for residential, office and industrial use and provides sampling of these goods

Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers provide expert advice and give the highest level of customized service possible to individual shoppers by giving personalized attention and providing advanced knowledge of products, services, and trends

Textile Designer

A person engaged in designing textiles and materials to be used in industrial, fashion or interior design

Visual Merchandiser

A professional who develops visual display of products or services including but not limited to in-store display and window design

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client's wedding